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We strive to serve our customers with the best soy candles possible.  We are a  soy candle manufacturer providing candles to our wholesale customers, fundraising organizations as well as our retail customers.  We offer private labeling which makes your soy candles and labels unique.  Additionally, we have added our spiritual line of candles that are great for prayer and meditation.

Working with soy can be quite "tempermental."  I have found making soy candles is a bit like making divinity.  The environmental conditions have to be just right.  Also, some scents do not work with soy as well as coloring.  That is why a number of soy candle makers are using a "soy blend."  S soy blend can be a combination of any kind of wax along with soy.  It can be paraffin, palm, or beeswax to name a few.  We will never use paraffin wax in our products.   Our service and dedication to our clients are unsurpassed.

We are firm believers in  "Made in the USA."  Our soy is grown domestically and made here in the USA.  Additionally, we make every effort to ensure our ingredients are made in the USA, too.  With the state of the economy, we believe in supporting our domestic partners and together we can all make a difference someday in improving our economy.


Dallas Soy Candles & Beyond


I am often asked "why soy candles?" Why not?  Soy candles are environmentally friendly plus I love to burn candles.   My name is Edith Fikes, owner of  Dallas Soy Candles.  I left a lucrative career back in 2010 that no longer fulfilled me.  Feeling strangled while lacking the  freedom to think for myself and unable to express my creativity, I took a leap of faith in the unknown.  

I began researching and learning everything I could about soy candles from fellow candle makers, the internet, and vendor suppliers.  You could say I "picked" their brain to educate myself.  The testing of candles began and has never stopped.  By the summer of 2010, the company and website was launched and has been full speed ahead since.    Our latest addition is our #Chakrasoycandles that our customers cannot seem to get enough of.

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